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Published on : 23 December 20162 min reading time

In 2007, the general assembly has decided to establish a new management system to deal with the different possible internal litigations as well as the disciplinary issues that may occur inside the Organization of the United Nations.

Litigations solving in the United Nations : The new procedure

This decision that was taken after long discussions on the justice administration issues was taken for the officials and responsible persons of the current system’s inadequacy to answer to the Organization’s needs and requirements.

 The General Assembly agreed and permitted the secretary general’s proposition that was founded on the recommendations of an external group of experts that were assigned to think of a new form of the administration justice system as well as the consultations that take place in the personnel’s presence with the coordination committee between the administration and the personnel. The main goal is obviously to establish an independent system that is professionalized, efficient, decentralized and transparent. This will help the leaders to promote even more informal solutions to different litigations.

The new United Nations’ administration system of justice became fully operational in the 1st July 2009.

Lawyers of the United Nations

All the lawyers of the United Nations are highly qualified and specialized in the international laws. This is pretty rare, since almost all of them usually focus on the juridical national system. It is not easy for a magistrate, a lawyer, or a judge to keep in mind what belongs to the international law and what does not. It is normal that things get mixed up, but some of them, who usually are the best, can always tell the difference, and they are usually recruited by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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