Facts about lawyers

avril 14, 2014
the lawyer’s job

What is the lawyer’s job ?

Even though he has a fascinating job, the lawyer may be sometimes taken lightly, either by being seen as a crook, or as someone who offers […]
avril 10, 2014
Why and when should I hire a lawyer

Why and when should I hire a lawyer

Lawyers’ services are often seen as too expensive by regular clients, especially by those who are not used to deal with them. Here are some advices […]
mars 26, 2014

How to choose a lawer

Even if people know they may need some help, they usually don’t know where to go. Good lawyers are not automatically good for you, or your […]
mars 24, 2014

Lawyers : The individual work is regressing, while Law Firms’ numbers are growing

Except for famous and confirmed lawyers who are known for their large experience and efficiency, it is really hard for new lawyers to be able to […]
mars 24, 2014
What to expect from a lawyer

What to expect from a lawyer, and do all lawyers have the same salary ?

A lawyer represents and defends his client if front of the court. He might be hired by physical persons to deal with personal affairs, or by […]