International Law

mars 24, 2022
Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi’s Ten Point Plan for Future Iran

Maryam is the leader of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran. This is an organization that seeks to overthrow the existing Iranian government. She is also the […]
mai 13, 2020
International family law

International family law: find a specialist lawyer online

If you and your wife or husband are living abroad and you want to divorce, then you might be needing international divorce lawyers to give legal […]
avril 4, 2014
good lawyers and judges

Measures that must be taken to train good lawyers and judges

When it comes to the international law, particularly, with the measures required for a better training, the programs and the secretary, the funds and different organisms […]
avril 2, 2014
the United Nations

Juridical help for the personnel in the United Nations

It has been a while since the NATO has organized its personnel in a certain way that those who wish to contest an administrative decision or […]
avril 2, 2014
the United Nations

About the Internal Justice System of the United Nations

In 2007, the general assembly has decided to establish a new management system to deal with the different possible internal litigations as well as the disciplinary […]
avril 2, 2014
the United Nations

About the Appellate Court and the United Nations’ Administrative Litigations Court

Both the Appeal Court and the Administrative Litigations Court were created by the General Assembly of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.