About the Appellate Court and the United Nations’ Administrative Litigations Court

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Both the Appeal Court and the Administrative Litigations Court were created by the General Assembly of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The establishment of the Appeal Court

The appeal court of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created by its general assembly and seized by the United Nations’ Administrative Litigations Court. It also treats appeals that are formed against the Committee’s decisions in the name of the personnel’s pensions’ mixt committee of common funds of the United Nations and by different organisms and entities that acknowledge its competence. The Court consists of seven judges who examine normally the different affairs in groups of three. The decisions are unchangeable and bound all of the parts. The appeal Court is established in New York, Genève and Nairobi according to the function of the registered affairs. Its first session took place in 2010.

United Nations : The Administrative Litigations Court

The Court of the Administrative Litigations that was created by the General Assembly of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization became fully operational the 1st July 2009. It is the first instance tribunal of the new administrative justice system. It treats different requests from current, old, or retired officials against an administrative decision that that they consider to be opposite to their employment conditions or their working contract. The court makes audiences, pronounces, gives orders, and takes binding decisions.

The officials and administration have the ability to contest the court’s decision in front of the Appellate Court.

In order to facilitate the transition from the old to the new system, the Administrative Litigations Court stipulates lines about the concerned affairs of the old joint commissions, the joint committees of discipline, and the administrative court of the United Nations.

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