Corporate Lawyer Salary and Function

Corporate Lawyer Salary

Here, you will learn the most important aspects of the job and its evolution. For instance, you may learn more about the progression of the average corporate lawyer salary.

Corporate Lawyer’s Job

The corporate lawyer has a preemptive role in the enterprise in order to avoid juridical issues. He looks after the company and makes sure it perfectly develops while fully respecting the law. In this context, the corporate lawyer must :

Make sure that laws are being applied in all of the company’s services : production, human resources, etc…

Defend the enterprise’s interest in case of litigations.

Advise the enterprise’s leaders and decision makers.

The corporate lawyer’s environment

The corporate lawyer is a part of the management or the accounting department of the enterprise. He is often forced to move from a department to another. A corporate lawyer starting salary is located between 25 000 € and 37 000 € gross per year.

Profile of a corporate lawyer

A corporate lawyer is the same as a business lawyer. If he works with big national or international companies, his mastery of the English language will be more than required. He must have a vast knowledge of business laws, the ability to communicate well, and be organized. He also needs to have a great capacity of synthesis and analysis and be able to deal with, and adapt to miscellaneous situations.

Besides, this job requires perseverance, precision and impartiality when it comes to judgments and evaluations.

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