What to expect from a lawyer, and do all lawyers have the same salary ?

What to expect from a lawyer

Published on : 23 December 20162 min reading time

A lawyer represents and defends his client if front of the court. He might be hired by physical persons to deal with personal affairs, or by Enterprises to secure their business and work as advisor.

Lawyer : The job description

Lawyers are getting more and more specialized. Proximity lawyers, who deal with everyday life’s problems (family law, labor law etc…). This kind of lawyers is the most spread since it is also the most demanded. However, they represent the bottom tier of their entire field since business law is the most rewarding area of work.

Companies with no juridical service rely often on external lawyers for regular, commercial, or financial affairs. Even if they have internal jurists, they may ask for external help, especially for particularly complex problems. A lawyer often ends up doing different functions like juridical advisor and defense.

Juridical council takes place usually in the multinational enterprises, banks or insurances. The main goal is, principally, to avoid useless risks to the enterprise. In the case of litigations, the lawyer becomes the mediator, trying, first, to amicably put an end to the conflict.

A Defense Lawyer

When it comes to defense, he meets regularly with his client before the trial, prepares his report, and writes down the required statements and documents necessary to the defense. He assists the charged persons when they meet the judge to ensure that their rights are met, and that no abuse is committed against them, as well as the witnesses’ audition and expertise.

A Lawyer’s salary

A new lawyer’s salary goes between 1 800 € and 2 700 € as gross salary per month. Then, remunerations change according to the situation. The average revenue per month in the profession is valued around 5 000 €. Of course this is just an average, while actually, some get more, and many get lesser.

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