Qualifications of a Family Affairs Judge

Family Affairs Judge

He usually works facing family law attorneys, and is highly qualified to deal with family conflicts and issues. He is very familiar with them, and has no blind spot on their corners.

Who is the family affairs judge ?

He is specialized in family law, the family affairs judge deals with miscellaneous affairs such as divorce, separations, parental authority, and requests of changes in marital status. He must propose conciliation measures in order to close cases amicably, and take temporary decisions during the divorce procedure. It is him, who defines the terms and rights of the children’s custody, who regulates the requests of the alimony revisions etc…

The family affairs judge’s objective

Diplomat and conciliator, he does his best to find fair and acceptable solutions for everyone by keeping some distance from the different sources of pressure he may encounter. He shall not be influenced by the emotional charge that may emanate from some particular family cases.

Qualifications of the judge

It is more than required from a judge to be able to communicate, decide and judge. Only strong-willed persons can make good judges.

The judge’s training : Naturally, he must first have his degree. In most cases, it is only a national school of magistrates that has the right to give the lawyers and judges their respective degrees. The student must at least have a Master 1, but in most of the cases, they have a Master 2. The training lasts at least 2 years and 6 moths, at the end of which, the judge chooses a field he wants to be specialized in according to his ranking.

What is the salary of a Family affairs Judge

There are many criteria according to which the salary of a judge in family affairs may be adjusted. The average revenue of a new judge is around 2 200 €. However this sum of money may change from an area to another depending on the number of cases he works on. The case in itself may influence the judge’s salary, especially when it concerns wealthy and popular personalities. But mostly, it is the judge’s experience that usually affects the income of the judge. Of course, it can be reached only through years of hard work.

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