Measures that must be taken to train good lawyers and judges

good lawyers and judges

When it comes to the international law, particularly, with the measures required for a better training, the programs and the secretary, the funds and different organisms may decide to be in favor of a better training to be prepared to the international law.

Recommendations for lawyers and judges’ training

Here are some of the recommendations that should be applied :

Promote the international course that can be followed, optionally, by the lawyers and judges.

Reinforce the application of qualification criteria for judges and lawyers besides their international law training during their professional training.

In the States and countries where a law practitioner is compelled to follow a continual juridical training, encourage the international law courses while responding to the different exigencies.

How to achieve the training for lawyers and judges ?

To reach that goal, the secretaries, programs and funds, the organisms can use the help of some national and international lawyers’ associations that act in the international law field by stimulating them to :

Organize in their respective conferences, different discussions concerning the question of the international law integration in the internal law. The can also invite good orators amongst a list of possible participant. They also may take advantage of all the different occasions that allow interventions during international meetings of magistrates. Other similar occasions, in front of national magistrates as well as lawyers’ associations must be identified.

If the organization is participating to the training of the national magistrates, training in international law must be planned.

Where can the law training be realized ?

Normally, this is the case for the missions that offer different trainings on Intention Law State, in the programs, in favor of justice and good governance access as well as in the technical assistance and the real operations.

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