Juridical help for the personnel in the United Nations

the United Nations

It has been a while since the NATO has organized its personnel in a certain way that those who wish to contest an administrative decision or who are facing a disciplinary issue must have at their disposal a professional juridical help and a juridical representation. For that, the NATO’s general assembly has created the juridical help bureau that employs jurists at its headquarters in New York and Addis Ababa, Bayreuth, Genève and Nairobi. The Personnel Juridical Help Bureau replaces the Advice Group but its functions are practically the same.

Official and volunteer Lawyers

The officials or volunteers of the Bureau may give different juridical advices. That’s why they have to respect a code that was last revised in Mars 2010 and they cannot accept any kind of remuneration from their clients, whatever its form may be.

Lawyers : Juridical Advices

The officials may get juridical advices outside from the Personnel Juridical Help Bureau, either from other officials, old officials, or an outside help that they may choose and pay themselves. The officials may also choose to represent themselves when the procedure in front of the NATO’s internal administration system.

The Juridical Bureau

Officials may at any moment contact the Juridical Help Bureau (before or after the conflict). The jurists and volunteers of the Juridical Bureau of the juridical help may give an opinion on the juridical validity of their pretention and indicate them the options that are possible. If an official decides to seize the formal official justice system, the Bureau will tell if he may be helped. If yes, it will give him juridical advices and help, or even represent him during the whole trial according to the modalities stated in the formulary of the designation Bureau.

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