Severance pay and job cuts

Severance pay and job cuts

Beneficiaries of a job cut

  • When the official is a holder, he may benefit from some indemnities for termination in these cases :
  • Whatever his job in the public services might be, for professional lack, if he does not fit into the conditions to be admitted in the retirement.
  • In the public service territory, upon request, after a separation from an operational job.
  • In the public hospitals, in case of job cut : 6 months after the removal and no request to renew the availability, or after 3 job refusals.

If it is actually a contract termination that is due to a professional lack

The indemnity is equal to ¾ of the gross salary, from the residence indemnity as well as the familial supplement of treatments of the last month of work, multiplied by the number of valid years for the retirement, in the limit of 15 years.

If it is a contract termination by years of service

The indemnity is equal to one month of treatment per year of services.

The treatment taken into consideration is the last indicial monthly net of the pension contributions, which also grows with the residence indemnity. This amount increases by 10 % when the official is 50 years old or more.

The amount of the indemnity cannot be inferior to one year or superior to two.

However, when the official reaches the age of 60 years old, when the decision of putting an end to the separation or in the year following that, and that he has at least 37.5 years of effective service, the amount of the indemnity cannot be superior to one year of treatment.

Unemployment indemnity

The official may benefit from the unemployment allowances, if he fills the required conditions. There are also other possible indemnities, but they are better negociated amicably.

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