Lawyers : The individual work is regressing, while Law Firms’ numbers are growing


Except for famous and confirmed lawyers who are known for their large experience and efficiency, it is really hard for new lawyers to be able to comfortably work and find clients with serious cases. This happens, particularly because the lawyers’ number has grown.

There are lesser independent lawyers

In 2010, 34.5 % of the active lawyers, in France, were separately working (28 % were classed as collaborators), while, 10 years ago, they were 37 % (25 % were classed as collaborators). Associates were around 31 % and 30 %, 10 years earlier. The workforce has dropped from 8.5 % to 6.3 %.

During those 10 last years, the growth of the collaborators has grown up with 16.5 points compared to the total number of lawyers.

Groups of Lawyers : Law Firms

In 2010, there were more than 6 050 groups of lawyers. Even though it is a new way of organization, the Law Firms have reached a growth of 51 % in 10 years. It is also, a rational consequence of the relentlessly growing lawyers’ number that could one day become problematic.

Besides, low risk firms are the ones that are growing the most.

The Lawyer’s Employment and Turnover

There are more than 40 200 Law Firms, which employ more than 3 300 lawyers as workforce, and around 39 500 regular workforce.

Revenues and disparities

The cumulated revenues of all the Law Firms have reached a bit more than 3 560 Billions € in 2008.

In the same year, the profession’s annual income reached 74 500, while the median revenue corresponds to an evolution of 8.4 %.

In 10 years, the average of the annual revenue has grown by more than 40.3 %.

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