Why and when should I hire a lawyer

Why and when should I hire a lawyer

Lawyers’ services are often seen as too expensive by regular clients, especially by those who are not used to deal with them. Here are some advices that will help you decide whether or not you should hire a lawyer.

When to use the help of a lawyer ?

Even if he is technically facultative, in most cases, especially when there are litigations, a lawyer is mandatory. Hiring a lawyer in France will be mandatory in :

Administrative jurisdictions :

Administrative Court : normally, one must hire a lawyer except for power abuse, in terms of pensions, civil engineering, litigations of contractual etc…

Administrative Court of State Council : One should hire a lawyer for the State Council.

Criminal jurisdictions : Assize Court, Court of Cassation.

Civil jurisdictions : Instance court, appeal court, Court of Cassation.

The lawyer is not mandatory when facing these jurisdictions : instance court, court of commerce, police court, correctional court, and labor court.

In order to know what court is competent, you may consult the specialized documents like the procedure code. It is still advised to see a lawyer about such things.

What is a lawyer good for ?

A lawyer is particularly useful for advice and hints, and may spare you many problems.

He can also defend you, both, oral and written forms.

Sometimes one must have a lawyer in order to sit in a court, and sometimes not. See all these cases and learn when you should pick a lawyer up.

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