The impact of the lawyers’ numbers’ growth on their salaries

the lawyers

Even though the job of lawyer has existed for so long, it does not mean it stayed the same for all these years. Like so many other jobs, it was, and still is, affected by the market’s changes. We are going to take France as an example, but the general evolution is the same almost everywhere.

Lawyers’ demographic evolution

In 2010, the number of lawyers in France was 51 758, which means that, in only 10 years, their number’s growth has reached more than 40 %. Of course, women have consequently contributed in the demographic boom that occurred. They have an average growth of more than 1 % every year.

Average lawyer’s age

There is an expectable gap between the average lawyer’s male, and female, age. Men are around 46 years old, while women are only 40. This also may change the balance of the number of male and female lawyers when the older ones retire. For 2010, the average age for lawyers is 43.1 years old. This may seem a high average, but when we consider that a young lawyer is around 27 years old, it is no longer surprising.

The lawyers’ density

In 2010, we count around 82 lawyers for every 100 000 dwellers, for only 77 in 2006 for the same number of residents. Actually, this is no big deal, but has to be considered, and the average growth of lawyers has to be controlled if they do not want their salaries to drastically drop. A first step to keep things under control is to work as a group.

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