Salaries of labor lawyers and family law attorneys

Salaries of labor lawyers

A lawyer is the one who represents his client and defends his interests in both civil and criminal cases. In every field, there is a particular type of lawyers. Amongst which, we find the family law attorney, labor lawyer, lawyer in international law, as well as the business lawyer. Every tier of these has an average monthly income. Here, we will focus on the family law attorneys and the labor lawyers.

A labor lawyer’s average wage

A labor lawyer is specialized in all what is related to labor in the law. In which case, he represents the persons who have problems that are related to terminations or any litigation in their working environment in general. The lawyer may also intervene when there is a conflict between an employer and an employee. The average wage of a labor lawyer is about 40 000 € per year.

Average wage of a family law attorney

A family law attorney’s job is to solve the conflicts that occur in a household, between concubines, in case of divorce or filiation. He intervenes as well in the field of guardianship, or the parental authority. The family law attorney may also be a good asset to any family, since he may advise and actively help in avoiding the upcoming possible conflicts. As a newbie, a family law attorney may gain around 1 500 € or 2 500 € per month, but then when he gets experienced, he may have a salary growth that reaches the 5 000 € per month.

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